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85/100 funny krystal moments as lee bona; requested by suholism

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wow I’m alive. haha.

Anyone want to help me beta two fics?


if we talk and we get really close and stuff and then for like a while afterwards I don’t make much of an effort to talk to you

I’m really sorry

That’s just how I function and its not because I don’t like you anymore or I don’t think about you

I just forget a lot and want to be alone and I get wrapped up in myself and my life and I get distracted so I’m really sorry

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15 May 13 at 4 pm

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11 May 13 at 7 pm


Selling my DSLR (Canon 20D) and my two lens. I hope to get rid of them soon but at the same time I’m a bit sad at the thought…I enjoy photography but I need a change in equipment…

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The world just happened to be like that.

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