02 Sep 14 at 10 pm

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"Somewhere, up in the sky a star shines brighter because of your smile. To the you in the sky I hope you can fulfill your wishes and live your dreams. To the you in my heart I wish you never had to leave but this is more of a see you later than a goodbye isn’t it? Perhaps you don’t remember who I am or never knew me at all but just know that I know you and will always remember you so you never have to worry about being forgotten."

Something I wrote for a personal thing but I felt like saying this.

01 Sep 14 at 9 pm

"I’ve lived a comfortable life because Jessica is my older sister" -Krystal

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bored, someone give me a prompt and pair :)?

28 Aug 14 at 5 pm

316/ of lee soonkyu

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316/∞ of lee soonkyu
28 Aug 14 at 5 pm

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