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choom, choom, choom, shove~

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choom, choom, choom, shove~
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Happy birthday ♥

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Thank you, cameraman. I love you

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there are many things to love about taeyeon, however i love her the most when she sings. i guess it’s obvious that taeyeon has a marvelous voice, but it’s not just that. it’s how she shines when she’s on stage, it’s the emotions that she puts into her performances. it scares and amuses me at the same time how much passion taeyeon has for singing. every time she sings, i feel like she’s improved, it seems as if she never stops practicing, she never stops trying. taeyeon has so much stage presence, it’s like when she sings, there’s nothing else in the world, but just her and the stage and the audiences. i think that taeyeon is a true artists, a true singer. i hope that many years from now, i can still see her singing on stage with this much passion and love for music.

happy birthday, kim taeyeon - 890309 - 120309

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Prettiest member(s) in After School ~ Jungah & Nana.

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